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Sara Campbell Yoga for Freediving course release

November 12, 2016|
World Champion Sara Campbell launches first ever Yoga for Freediving online training programme “It baffles and confuses me that the single most important aspect of freediving – our mind – receives by far the least attention in any certification or coaching programme” – Sara CampbellSara Campbell is changing the way we learn to freedive; first with […] read more

Introducing Scotland Freedivers – the newest Apneists UK club

November 11, 2016|
I have been a Scuba diver and snorkeller for over 20 years. I met my first real Freedivers on a course in 2003 at the 28 metre deep SETT in Gosport. Howard Jones, Lee Donnelly, Hannah Stacey, Ann-Marie Kitchen-Wheeler and Matt Kitchen were amongst those who were there that weekend. It changed my direction forever, […] read more

Interview with Mike Benke

November 12, 2014|
For those of you who don’t know you Mike, can you please tell us a little about yourself.My name is Mike Benke, I am a Hungarian Freediver living in Manchester, UK. I am 49 years old. I train with my Coach Steve Millard of Apneists UK for many years now.How did you get into Freediving […] read more

The UK Female Dynamic With Fins (DYN) Freediving record is broken.

July 6, 2014|
On the 6th July, 2014 Rebecca Coales has taken the previous female DYN record to 179m at the Life Leisure, Grand Central 50 metre Pool in Stockport. For those new to Freediving, DYN is swimming as far as you can horizontally in a swimming pool with a mono fin or bi-fins. In this case it was […] read more

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series: From a Freediver Safety perspective

September 15, 2013|
After a busy day preparing for a record attempt I trawled through my information stream of e-mails. In the Inbox was a welcome sight. The organiser of the safety crew for the Red Bull Cliff diving World Series had contacted me, asking if I was interested in doing the diving safety for the 2013 event […] read more