Trusted by sailors, XC Weather is web based and gives you a good general weather overview with 6 day forecast and animated timeline. Not as ‘slick’ as some others and don’t have a mobile app, but very user-friendly without being overly complicated.

Used by surfers, MagicSeaweed is the holy grail for wave (swell), direction, wind and tide times. A little time needed to get your head around what it all means but simple thereafter. Also available as a smartphone app, although easer to plan your dive on a larger screen. Useful for spearo’s or any recreational coastal diving.


My all-time favourite app! This app gives you sonar charts including depth, precise tidal information in your area, maritime chart information like wrecks, buoys or coastal buildings for navigating etc, but what I particularly love about it, is the smartphone app that gives you real time location in the water (assuming you have a waterproof wallet for your smartphone and perhaps an old spare phone too). Map data can be downloaded to your phone which means no data signal is necessary and you can navigate just by using the phone’s GPS. Full version however will cost you £12.99 for the app, but like all things, well worth it if you spend any amount of time by the coast. WebApp is free of cause but again it’s more useful at your dive location. Ideal for night dives when it’s pitch black and you want to save yourself a long walk back along the beach?!!!


Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown are a husband and wife team of underwater photographers.


The Black Fish is an international marine conservation organisation on a mission to change attitudes towards our precious oceans and to work on protecting the unique life within them. By investigating, educating and taking non-violent direct action, we campaign to end illegal and destructive fishing practices and safeguard a future for the plentiful species in our seas.